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Desktop icon for VSQL

or: How to pimp your squadleader shortcut

standard windows application iconYes! You installed VSQL! And it works! Of course you created a desktop shortcut to it: what other way to start one of your most used programs? But… the desktop icon looks dull. Indistinguishable from all the other desktop shortcuts.

pimped squad leader icon

Would you like to pimp your VSQL-shortcut?

Would you want it to look like THIS?


(assuming you use Windows) Follow this procedure:

  1. choose one of the shortcut images here

    SL box SL leader SL US leader SL German infantery

    Bill Sosnicki mailed me the following icons, so we all have more to choose from. Thanks, Bill!
    (Now I have to replace my icon every week:-)
    box black and white squad leader 1 icon box black and white squad leader 2 icon box black and white cross of iron icon box black and white Anvil of Victory icon black and white tank pic as icon squad leader tank counter as icon vsql 3.0 icon 1 box Crescendo of Doom icon box cross of iron icon vsql 3.0 icon 2

  2. rightclick and select 'save picture as...'
  3. go to your VSQL folder and save the image as a ~.ico file, NOT ~.bmp!! (So change name to SLicon.ico or something)
  4. go to your desktop and rightclick on your shortcut to VSQL.bat (You had that already, didn’t you?)
  5. on the pop-up, select ‘properties’
  6. a new pop-up appears: “properties for VSQL’. On the ‘shortcut’-tab, there are 3 buttons. One says something like “Other icon” or something like that (I use the Dutch version). Click that button.
  7. on the appearing pop-up screen you can browse to your VSQL-folder and select the newly pasted image. Click OK untill done.

Beautiful,isn’t it?


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