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Squadleader's Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV's)

Because of my historical interest, I wondered what AFVs you're exactly pushing around on the Squad Leader board. So I looked most of the AFV's of the basic Squad Leader game up:


German tanks and Self-Propelled guns

German Mark IV tank


The German MkIV tank

German Stug-III

The German StuGIII - "SturmGeschutz III (assault canon mark 3)"
Early type, though

German Brummbar self propelled gun

The German Brummbar


Russian tanks and SP guns

Russian T34 tank

The Russian T34. Best tank of the 2nd WW, according to many.

Russian ISU 122 self propelled gun

The Russian ISU-122
Self-propelled gun

Russian SU-152

The Russian SU-152. Big SP gun.


American AFV's

American M4A4 tank

The US M4A4, most used US tank

M10 tankdestroyer

The US M10 Tankdestroyer. Open topped turret.

Priest self propelled gun

The US Priest, open topped self-propelled Gun

M3 halftrack

The US M3 armed halftrack. Believe these were also sent to the Sovjets.

M16 anti aircraft halftrack

The US M16, an AA (Anti-Aircraft) halftrack.


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