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Welcome to the english part of my website, Kobudo Venlome holding sai

This site is primarily for people living near Venlo, The Netherlands, looking for information about training a Japanese martial art: kobudo, kenjitsu, karate-do. Further, there's more information about budo: Ryukyu kobudo, Nippon kobudo, iaijitsu, information about kata, waza, seminars etc, which is provided mainly for my students – and of course other interested visitors. Those parts are primarily in Dutch.

I also reserved some room for my big hobby: boardgames. That’s the part of which most is translated.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I do appreciate a message in the guestbook!
For changes and additions visit my site updates page and for events, look at my calender. Can't find what you're looking for? Use the Search page

Best regards,

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Matthijs van der Zanden

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Last update of this page: 01 March 2012

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