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Welcome to the english Budo page

This site contains Dutch info about budo in general, more specifically kobudo.

I teach kobudo in Venlo, the Netherlands. Next to my day job, on Tuesday evenings I teach Ryukyu kobudo (a.k.a. Okinawa kobudo, the 'armed side' of karate) and Nippon kobudo (a samurai sword fighting school, to be more precise: the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu, ksr or Katori for short). Besides that, once a week I'm still active as a karate teacher at the school I once started my budo career.

Kobudo demonstration in VenloClicking on an english flag or using the bread crumb trial at the top of each page will always bring you back to the english part. If you are interested in budo and don't speak Dutch, I still hope you'll take a look at the Dutch budo part of my site. As said: you can't get lost here.

If you're interested in Katori Shinto ryu, it's definitely worth to take a look at the Katori pages. It contains a 'curriculum': overview of all the weapons and kajo found in the style. This is mainly in romanji Japanese, so not knowing Dutch isn't that big of an issue. What sets this overview apart from other sites, is that I linked the curriculum directly to clips I found on YouTube. Now you can just click on a series and watch them being performed.

Under Katori, there's also a page 'Standen in het Katori Shinto ryu' which shows the names of the most common techniques/ stances/ kamaes of Katori Shinto ryu and when you mouse over the picture, the drawing will change to the matching performance. I encourage my student to visit this page a lot, so they'll sooner be able to understand the different commandos given during classes.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site.

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Latst update of this page: 01 March 2012

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